Compact DPSS-laser source for LIBS analysis of steel

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LIBS-technology holds the potential for on-site real-time measurements of steel products. However for a mobile and robust LIBS measurement system, an adequate small and ruggedized laser source is a key-requirement. In this contribution, we present tests with our novel compact high power laser source, which, initially, was developed for ignition applications. The CTR HiPoLas® laser is a robust diode pumped solid state laser with a passive Q-switch with dimensions of less than 10 cm³. The laser generates 2.5 ns-pulses with 30 mJ at a maximum continuous repetition rate of about 30 Hz. Feasibility of LIBS experiments with the laser source was experimentally verified with steel samples. The results show that the laser with its current optical output parameters is very well suited for LIBS measurements. We believe that the miniaturized laser presented here will enable very compact and robust portable high-performance LIBS systems.
TitelOptical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection X
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 26 Juni 2017


NameOptical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection X


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