Sinterconnects: All-Copper Top-Side Interconnects Based on Copper Sinter Paste for Power Module Packaging

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Copper sinter paste has been recently established as a robust die-attach material for high-power electronic packaging. This paper proposes and studies the implementation of copper sinter paste materials to create top-side interconnects, which can substitute wire bonds in power packages. Here, copper sinter paste was exploited as a fully printed interconnect and, additionally, as a copper clip-attach. The electrical and thermal performances of the copper-sinter paste interconnections (“sinterconnects”) were compared to a system with wire bonds. The results indicate comparable characteristics of the sinterconnect structures to the wire-bonded ones. Moreover, the performance of copper sinterconnects in a power module was further quantified at higher load currents via finite element analysis. It was identified that the full-area thermal and electrical contact facilitated by the planar sinterconnects can reduce ohmic losses and enhance the thermal management of the power packages.
Original languageEnglish
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 13 Apr 2021


  • Clip bonding
  • Copper paste
  • Front-side interconnects
  • Planar interconnects
  • Power packaging
  • Sinter paste
  • Sinterconnects
  • Top-side interconnects
  • Wire-bondless packaging


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