Vacuum-assisted selective adhesive imprinting for heterogeneous system integration of MOEMS devices : Automated assembly of miniaturized PM sensor

Jaka Pribosek, Markus Zauner, Jochen Bardong, Alfred Binder, Paul Maierhofer, Alexander Bergmann, Georg Röhrer

    Publikation: Konferenzband/Beitrag in Buch/BerichtKonferenzartikelBegutachtung


    In this paper we propose the selective adhesive bonding technique using contact imprinting from thin adhesive layers spin-coated on the sacrificial polyethylene foils. The imprinting is assisted with vacuum release of the polymer foil to reduce the pull-off adhesive force and prevent sticking, posing less constraints on the required lifting force. We apply this method in assembly of a highly integrated optical particle counter confronted with several strict assembly requirements, such as selective bonding with small feature size (<; 200 μm), minimal adhesive thicknesses (<; 15μm), precise out-of plane tolerances, low adhesive squeeze-out and hermetically sealed packaging. A successful selective adhesive bonding with ratio of vacuum tool area to adhesive contact area of 1:20 was demonstrated.
    Titel2019 IEEE SENSORS
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 30 Okt. 2019
    Veranstaltung2019 IEEE SENSORS - Montreal, QC, Canada
    Dauer: 27 Okt. 201930 Okt. 2019


    Konferenz2019 IEEE SENSORS

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