Phase-shift transmission line method for permittivity measurement and its potential in sensor applications

Vasa Radonic, Norbert Cselyuszka, Vesna Crnojević-Bengin, Goran Kitić

Publikation: Konferenzband/Beitrag in Buch/BerichtKapitelBegutachtung


This chapter offers a detailed insight into a dielectric characterization of the materials based on the phase-shift measurements of the transmission signal. The chapter will provide in-depth theoretical background of the phase-shift transmission line measurement in the microstrip architecture and determination of dielectric permittivity of design under test for several measurement configurations. Potential of the phase-shift method will be demonstrated through applications in the characterization of an unknown dielectric constant in multilayered structure, realization of the soil moisture sensor, and sensor for determination of the dielectric constant of a fluid in microfluidic channel. Moreover, specific techniques for increasing the phase shift based on the electromagnetic bandgap structure, the aperture in the ground plane and the left-handed effect will be presented. In the end, the realization of simple in-field detection device for determination of permittivity based on the phase-shift measurement will be demonstrated.
TitelElectromagnetic Materials
Redakteure/-innenMan-Gui Han
ISBN (elektronisch)978-953-51-8118-7
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Nov. 2018
Extern publiziertJa


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