Hybrid Integration of fine-pitch bare dies on polypropylene-coated paper substrates without using any adhesives or solders

Augusto Daniel Rodrigues, Thomas Weissbach, Muhammad Hassan Malik, Wolfgang Schmidt, Rainer Gumbiowski, Arved C. Hübler, Alfred Binder, Ali Roshanghias

Publikation: KonferenzbeitragPoster


Paper-based electronics is an emerging concept with the prospect of developing recyclable, low-cost, flexible and green products such as paper displays, smart labels, RFID tags, smart packages, electronic magazines, bio and medical devices. Compared to conventional printed circuit board (PCB) materials, utilizing paper as electronics substrate has both physical and chemical challenges. Nowadays, the integration of components on papers are mainly conducted by using adhesives (such as anisotropic conductive paste (ACP), isotropic conductive paste (ICP) and non-conductive pastes (NCP)) or low-temperature solders. The application of adhesives and solders in a roll-to-roll fabrication line of papers requires an additional dispensing or printing unit, which has its own drawbacks. Therefore, alternative approaches such as pre-applied adhesive films on bare dies or paper can gain significant attention. In this study, by exploiting the unique properties of a paper coating material (i.e., polypropylene) as non-conductive adhesive, it was shown that direct flip-chip bonding of the bare dies and devices could be successfully performed on paper without using any additional adhesives or solders. The electrical and mechanical performance of the flip chip bonded dies on polypropylene-coated paper substrate were assessed by means of daisy-chain contact resistance measurement and die-shear analysis respectively. Moreover, for an RFID tag application, RFID chips were flip chip bonded to the coated papers and functional tests via NFC communication were also successfully exerted. It was concluded that the polypropylene film on the paper can be considered as an intrinsic NCP layer for flip-chip integration of bare dies.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 22 März 2022


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