Characterization of anodic bondable LTCC for wafer-level packaging

Xiaodong Hu, Manuel Bäuscher, Piotr Mackowiak, Yucheng Zhang, Ole Hoelck, Hans Walter, Martin Ihle, Steffen Ziesche, Ulli Hansen, Simon Maus, Oliver Gyenge, Biswajit Mukhopadhyay, Oswin Ehrmann, Klaus-Dieter Lang, Ha-Duong Ngo

Publikation: Konferenzband/Beitrag in Buch/BerichtKonferenzartikel


This work helps to clarify the effects on bondable Low Temperature Cofiered Cofired Ceramic(LTCC) material from Fraunhofer IKTS under different bonding conditions as changes in temperature, voltage and time. The Paper investigates silicon bonded to LTCC and silicon with a thin aluminum layer bonded to LTCC and compares both with anodic bonding of standard Borofloat 33® from Schott GmbH to silicon. The result of this work provides a comprehensive overview of bonding parameters for the materials Borofloat 33® and LTCC. An inspection of the bonding quality is carried out, which includes the optical inspection of the bonded area and interface observation via a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The bonding quality is also shown with the charge transfer during the bonding process. This paper can be used to achieve a higher degree of freedom in the design of hermetic wafer level packaging for various Micro-Electro-Mechanical System(MEMS) devices made of glass and ceramic materials.
Titel2016 IEEE 18th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC)
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 3 Dez. 2016
Extern publiziertJa
Veranstaltung2016 IEEE 18th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC) - Singapore
Dauer: 30 Nov. 20163 Dez. 2016


Konferenz2016 IEEE 18th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC)


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