High Fidelity Package Simulation Models Capturing Accurate Thermal Cross-Coupling

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3D finite element analyses of high fidelity and simplified power semiconductor package models are compared to identify
essential model features. The paper investigates interaction between heat dissipating power semiconductor devices and nearby,
surroundings components, an aspect challenging to implement in simulations for use during power electronic system design
phases. This problematic thermal cross-coupling between components is stronger in compact power converters, having high
power densities. To maximize accuracy of these heat transfer simulations, specific geometric features are used to capture the
effects of such thermal interaction. This paper shows how particular care must be taken during such a component modelling
process. In a presented test case, with a semiconductor switch placed on a printed circuit board, simulation results show how
the temperature of a nearby ceramic capacitor is significantly raised (ΔT=+25°C) when compared to a simplified packaging
model based on datasheet information alone. In another testcase, impacts of encapsulation and wire bond interconnects on
thermal self-impedance of a discrete power semiconductor component are quantified with frequency response functions.
Zeitraum24 Sep. 2020
Ereignistitel2020 26th International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC)