Full-stack Reliability Design and Commissioning of Converters

  • Timothy Polom (Redner)

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As electrical and electromechanical energy conversion devices proliferate, emerging are demands for additional features, especially related to safety. Furthermore, these features must be realized in units weighing less and occupying less space. What can be done?
This seminar presents core technologies on which to base power electronic systems. They are split into two general categories: design methods and embedded systems solutions, to be firmware-integrated. It will be shown how efforts in multi-domain/scale modeling unite with physical sensing approaches to synthesize state observers capable of estimating hardware state-of-health. These features are systematically enabled by the design and integration of system identification experiments, to be applied during converter system commissioning, prototype design and assessment, or at another point during a product design campaign.
Next, motivations to further optimize converter systems lead to the investigation of alternative integration and interconnection methods. Embedding and printing processes are highlighted as methods by which to minimize parasitics and achieve intrinsically higher hardware lifetimes. All-in-all, the relatively new degrees-of-freedom available for realizing converters should be directed by a concurrent design (co-design) process. The presentation will overview the co-design processes relating to circuit topology, package, and control, and explain their impact on key density metrics.
Zeitraum18 Nov. 2021
Gehalten amAalborg University, Dänemark